Quote from a letter received from a parent of a child with SEN after they moved away from the area:

“I will never forget all of your kindness and support. I guess we all have our own parenting journeys and I was grateful to have you all on mine – no matter how short a time it was. I will always be indebted you all for everything you did for me and my family.”


Some comments made on our Spring Term 2018 Parent Survey

We asked:

 How does your child feel about attending Little Learners at Sellindge?

“Early days, sometimes upset in the morning but not an issue.  We are very pleased so far”.

“Can’t wait to get there”.

“He is always really excited to come”.

“He is always very happy about attending”.

“She want’s to come on her days off”.

“He loves coming, he likes to tell us about what he has done”.

“They love attending”.

“She would rather be with you than myself”.

“Always happy and enthusiastic about Little Learners and he talks about his activities and friends at home”.


We asked:

What do you as a parent/carer like best about Little Learners at Sellindge?

She seems so settled and content.  The efforts made to help with speech, especially the staff attending a Makaton course, have been fantastic”.

We like the range of activities, so just keep them up on a regular basis for the children (like cooking)”.

The themed traditional fun days, Chinese New Year, Poppy Day, child led play, different play areas, the fish, the snails, the stick insects, Eco learning and Sustainability and guidance given about care, kindness, manners and helping e.g. setting the tables”.

Friendly atmosphere.  Child feels secure in a nurturing learning environment.  Supportive staff.  The books to take home”.

It’s a free play learning environment, the information we receive on our child is detailed”.

Friendly, the staff seem to enjoy time spent with the children and generally want the best for the children”.

Everyone is always very smiley”.

Friendly staff, feedback from Key Person, atmosphere”.

How lovely everyone is”.

The staff genuinely care”.

The personal touch, really knowing each child and always friendly atmosphere, which care about the children’s well-being and progress”.

The staff, always helpful, knowledgeable, friendly and professional”.

Small friendly atmosphere”.

Friendly staff, happy environment.  I like that it’s fairly small compared to others that we visited”.

A lot of stimuli.  More structure than his previous nursery.  Staff appear active, friendly and caring.  We appreciate the updates at the end of the day and the explanation of learning practices.


100% of those who responded to this survey said they would definitely recommend Little Learners to a friend or relative.